Earth Day – Gooseberry Retreat – 2024

Every year I travel to this Sacred Land…

To the land of the Ancestors.
The land of the Red Rock.
Where the Earth and the Sky meet,
and where our Divinity lays.

Every year… to create deeper connection…

Upon this Sacred Plateau and Mesa,
is where I shed my skin every year.

It is where I dig my grave and the grave of our Tribe,
so that year after year,
we may USHER in the NEW, and INVITE the OLD out…

Our Mind/Body/Spirit Complex sheds skins like the Sacred Snake Ouroboros. It is within each year that we are granted an opportunity to release and shed the old patterns and the old paradigms that are keeping us BLOCKED from our POWER.

– Demetri Valleos

Are you stuck in the Old Model?

Have you been seeking:

Deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings?

Do you want more connection and healthier relationships

Are you afraid to be vulnerable?

Do you want more clarity in life?

Create a Life Changing experience for you
your Tribe.

Learn how to:

Manifest your ideal reality
and tune into the infinite nature of reality.



Learn how to create healing for the self from illness and dis-ease by learning how to understand and COMMUNICATE with the BODY.

and Sustain
Deeper Connection
With yourself and with your partner/spouse.

Find Deeper Alignment with the Self.
Find Contentment with the Present Moment …

Come and celebrate Earth Day with us
by connecting with Gaia herself!

These Sacred Ceremonies will focus on the importance of Grounding and our innate and inherent ability to listen to the Goddess that is the Earth.

During these ceremonies, we will wash ourselves with the Earth, with clay, gathered from the Ancestors themselves, to cleanse, and shed our old selves. To rid ourselves of any negative attachments/patterns/paradigms – and utilize Sacred Master Plants to gain a deeper connection in our Waking – Present Future State.

The Newer Version of Yourself Awaits…


April 21st – 25th – every year

Email me today to reserve your spot