Sacred Ceremony

Ayahuasca, Medicine, Retreats, Salt Lake City, Utah

For our deeper service to the Greater Self, and to you, the other, we offer ceremonial spaces held with the Grandmother and Grandfather.

These spaces are crafted with specific intentions and are open to all who truly seek the deeper healing of their soul.


Our New Moon gatherings and ceremonies are focused around assisting you in developing direction. A place to seek the clarity of the

  • Learn how to commune with the divine in these ceremonies and initiate yourself into a deeper awareness of your intentions.
  • Honor your own process and receive the guidance needed to progress forward in life.
  • Learn to Speak with Plants through the Mind/Body Connection.
  • consummate the union between your conscious and unconscious.
  • Learn to Go within


Our Full Moon gatherings and Ceremonies are a time when the world of instincts becomes heightened due to the diametric contrast posed by the conscious will, or ego.

  • Initiate Your Magic.
  • Full Moons represent the culminations of our intentions created and held during the New Moon Ritual.
  • Learn to create homeostatic alignment with your inner and outer worlds.
  • Create true balance within your Mind|Body|Spirit
  • Learn to Shed that which no longer serves you.
  • Learn to See yourself in your Fullness

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We invite everyone who feels called into these ceremonies to step in to our space with the fullness of their sacred birth rite and intention


healing for the self
In the safety of your own home, or out in nature.
Explore the Sacred Self
Seek your own Purpose
Study the Mysteries of the Cosmos


Connect deeply with a partner.
Learn to Dance with each other in this Sacred Space.
Create Sacred Union with the Other.
Learn to Hold Space for Others.
Explore Deeper Connection

Enter into a deep ritual healing of the soul
with a partner in Life or your Sacred Self

Align and enliven the fullness of your body
with a Practice of Pranayama Yoga
Cleanse your body with Sacred Plants
Harmonize with the Universe

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