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It is my highest joy and passion to work with the people of this planet on the deepest of levels. Assisting them with seeing the DIVINE GOD/GODDESS within themselves and their experience, in this moment.

If you would like to work with me, please reach out to me directly at

Demetri Vallejos

I am one of the Sacred Key holders, and an Alchemical Initiate/Magus in the Art of Reality Creation. I understand the finer mechanisms, and the subtle realities that exist in all of the dimensions.

I am here to
serve and assist you

…even if its just a kind word or a smile, I am your Sacred Brother first and foremost; and am here to support you throughout your darkness and be an unbreakable pillar of support as you shed all that no longer serves you.

My story began lifetimes ago. . .

As an Ascended Master of the Arts,
I am here to hold an eternal space for those that are ready to step forward into their
own gateway of the infinite.

My clients are unique in the fact that they are ready to step into a higher aspect of themselves.

….Whether they are businesses or individuals, my clients are committed to expansion, GROWTH, and HEALING.

I assist my clients in finding optimal wellness and Productivity through first understanding where they are in their journey throughout this Cosmos and where they desire to go.

I serve those that are ready to step into their divinity

I assist my clients in reclaiming their place amongst the stars and empowering them by teaching them how to establish “Heaven,” on their own personal Earth.





During these sessions we will sit together with the Plants and call upon our guides and angels


On an individual basis, I serve my clients to find the sanctity of their own homes and personal lives.

“Awe Inspiring”

On a group basis, i serve many communities so that we may deeply connect and weave our web of life.

With over a decade of experience in this lifetime journeying with Sacred Plant Medicines, demetri will serve to navigate the terrain of the “subconscious” and also support you during your transition for a graceful integration with your Vision afterwards. Having studied with the plants themselves for nearly 11 years, He has created a powerful bond with certain plants that can assist you in finding yourself and up-leveling you or your business.

– Raw dimension

Our ceremonies are held in the comfort of your own home, our sanctuaries across the globe, or out in Nature.