Our Upstate New York Retreat – Canandaigua Lake

(Canandaigua Lake – Finger Lakes – Upstate NY)


We are currently developing a carefully selected estate of 77 acres in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.

We offer the most beautiful scenery as your pathway into the infinite unfolds. This Estate is being developed as a center for wellness and realignment; focusing on helping people to remember who they are at HEART.

We are currently hosting events by open invitation/consultation

We are keen on emphasizing acceptance, community and non-pharmaceutical based therapy involving modalities such as Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga, TRE, EFT and Transformational Quantum Breath-work along with many other nature-based, selfhealing methods such as animal/equine therapy, Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Dieta Programs; all with the goal of reconnecting our guests with the beauty within and the lost aspects of themselves using the natural environment and the inherent healing power within each human being.

Please reach out to us directly at info@rawdimension.com if you are interested in setting up a retreat. We enjoy smaller, more personal settings. Please limit groups to 8-10 people.