Our Retreat into the Redwoods – Central Coast (California)

(Central Coast – California)

There is magic in this Forest. A certain kind of Magic that can only be FELT. The Redwoods contain some of the OLDEST living trees. As we venture into our inner worlds and discover the inner fire, and MAGICAL POTENTIAL WITHIN, we will also have the support of these AGE OLD beings. 

Come and explore ways to heal the self through:

  • Basic instruction and wisdom into how to work with the body in a way that invites mindful awareness to naturally blossom in Life.
  • Learning why concentration is a fundamental tool to learn, grow, and evolve. And how it is a skill we can cultivate.
  • Understanding Subtleties to the Art of Rest as well as how to access it easily and reliably.
  • Learning how to cultivate a sense of abiding happiness independent of conditions.
  • Learning how mindfulness catalyzes the healing process and practical tips for allowing this process to unfold.
  • Understanding Key elements for making continual progress on “the path.”