Initiate Yourself into your Divinity

Initiate yourself into your divinity

By taking the journey within, one is beginning to the process of soul reconciliation. A process that which, when undertaken with complete commitment, transforms our entire lives. This process will begin to burn and shed ALL that is no longer you. It will begin a lifelong process of creating presence in your daily life.

Learn Transformational Breath-work that will reshape your Mind and Body.
Create New Relationship with the Earth and your Being through Mindful Connection into the SOUL.
Expand your Consciousness and REWRITE OLD NEURAL PATHWAYS!
Create the LIFE you have ALWAYS DREAMED OF!
Learn how to command your reality and step into your most AUTHENTIC SELF!


A North American Retreat: By Interview only.

“Our retreats are held in the privacy and sanctity of our private sanctuary lands in  Utah, California, Arizona and New York.”

We welcome you into our community with open arms.  

I ask that you honor the process, by contacting me directly through e-mail at if you have questions. We are ONE, We are LOVE, We are LIGHT, and we exist to serve the ONE Infinite Creator.

Adonai, and may the Light and Love of our One Infinite Creator be with you always, as you walk your path into and through eternity.