Bionetic Coaching

There are always experiences throughout life that leave us feeling confused… Experiences that leave us with a feeling, unknown to our psyche.
These types of experiences remain present with our being until we find a sensible understanding and awareness surrounding the experience itself.

Throughout the Aeons, there have been Beings/Entities that have bridged and created pathways through sharing with each other, the experiences they have each stored within their life(times); through the sharing of these experiences they have created language to describe the “feelings” the felt. They began to grow and evolve their experiences and themselves through the broadening of their lexicon and awareness of the catalyst of experience.

As they recognized their growth, they developed SYSTEMS of/for EVOLUTION.These systems are ARCHETYPAL in nature, representing FACETS of our own consciousness and beginning to explore them.

These systems are still used today…
…and chances are if you are reading this, you are already aware of them.

If you are ready to employ/further [the] evolutionary systems in your life that have been used for Aeons, but don’t have the language to describe your experiences, nor the understanding of the process itself, Hire me.

The UNDERSTANDING is where the GROWTH takes place. The formula that I have recognized is extremely unique in nature.

It incorporates a MULTIDIMENSIONAL APPROACH, utilizing understandings/truths from Physics, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics(beyond-physics), Esoteric teachings and wisdom, Astrology, Religious “Stories,” Psychology, Parapsychology, Sociology, and Politics, Even Medicine.

My aim is to provide you with the TOOLS that you need and are necessary if you are to be successful in your endeavors, and mission here. After all, anyone who is anyone has recognized one beautiful truth about their own growth and potential for creation. And that is,

“Everyone, and everything, is a Teacher.”

I will serve you with a few basic unconditional principles in mind:

Unconditional HONESTY – I will always be honest with you, even if its something that may be hard to hear.

Unconditional INTEGRITY – You can trust me. I am not here to judge/shame/ridicule you. In fact nobody is. Not even yourself. I will hold you in integrity, and you will hold me in integrity, and we will find what your TRUTH is.

Unconditional ACCOUNTABILITY – You are ACCOUNTABLE for your OWN WORK. I will provide you with the tools. If you feel that you are not getting the progress or the results that you desire, look at your actions, and we will find clarity.

Unconditional GUIDANCE – The knowledge and wisdom we hold is Aeons old. We just simply must remember who we are surrounding the ALL.. I will hold space for you, and help you to navigate the different realms of expansion that you will be experiencing throughout your shifting and evolutionary process.

Unconditional COUNSELING – I am HERE for YOU. I am here to support you in any way, shape, or form, that is in alignment with our mutual highest benefit and good. I will be there to support you throughout your time of need, and understanding.

My desire is to serve and assist you to reach and unlock your Greatest Potential, through recognizing the passion within your Heart and Soul. We will build the pathway together, and one by one, reach the stars.

As an Ascending Master, I have come to TRANSLATE and ANCHOR the highest of frequencies into a language that we can understand, as we strive and reach into the divine experience that is Life.

“If you wish to change the world, it must start with you.”

Invest in yourself.