Quantum Bionetic Coaching / Reality Creation

“DISCOVER HOW to create EFFORTLESSLY – through a DEEP and AUTHENTIC connection to the Quantum Nature of your Being”

Enter into the infinite potential hidden within your cellular and genetic memory – Unlock the Secrets of your Mind|Body|Spirit


Open Enrollment for July – December 2022
(Early Bird Special – Enroll before May 30th)

6 month Container to Dive into:

Metaphysics, ancient wisdom, hermeticism, inner alchemy, indigenous traditions, plant medicine/reality creation/shadow work, masculine/feminine, feminine/masculine, epigenetics, relationships, heart-based consciousness, holotropic/transcendental meditation/visualization.

Heal with the power of your Heart

Grow into the person you are meant to be

Understand a new philosophy about life

Understand Subtle Energy Mechanics and the Forces Behind Quantum Reality Creation

Create coherence within your mind/body

Deepest Fear Inventory

Investigating your core complaint

Ancestral Healing/Generational Trauma Work

Personal Shadow Work

Shed layers of the old self

Sacred Plant Ceremony

Intention work

Meditation/space holding/breath work