Whole Body Regeneration – Binaural Beats




Whole Body Regeneration: Full Body Healing – 528 Hz & 432 Hz – Healing Meditation Music
This MP3 contains frequencies which will greatly assist in Full Being Regeneration / Whole Body Healing.

The 432 Hz Frequency is highly beneficial, and is encoded in the basic building blocks of all life, such as the Phi Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence. This is also the sequence which brings about DNA, and promotes cellular growth / splitting.

This sequence is found everywhere in Nature, including the properties of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

Planetary Diameters:

Sun: 864,000 Miles (432 x 2)

Moon: 2160 Miles (432 / 2)

3.4 Hz Delta waves have been associated with Full Body Healing, and activate the Biological healing process, in a manner similar to Deep Sleep.

The 528 Hz Ancient Solfeggio Frequency, was a Tuning Fork frequency that was used by the Rulers of the time, to keep their Mental and Physical Bodies in a state of perfection.

7.83 Hz is the frequency of the Earth, a Schumann Tone, and is still active even with the frequency of the Earth rising. The pulses and spikes can resonate up to 36 Hz +, although the Base frequency of 7.83 Hz still remains a multiplier.

Combining these frequencies together has a very powerful effect.

The following frequencies are contained in this MP3:

528 Hz
Pure Tone
Ancient Solfeggio Scale Frequency (Tone 5)

432 Hz
Pure Tone
Cosmic Frequency / Frequency of Life

7.83 Hz
Monaural Beats
Schumann Resonance (Earths Vibrational Frequency)

3.4 Hz
Isochronic Tones
Deep Delta Waves (Physical Regeneration)

For best results, you should listen to this with your eyes closed.

90 Minute MP3


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