Enlightenment - Nootropic Blend (1 Month Supply)

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CREATE your own  ENLIGHTENMENT Find the Calm within YOUR storm. Connect with your Mind/Body/Spirit Discover a deeper sense…



Find the Calm within YOUR storm.
Connect with your Mind/Body/Spirit
Discover a deeper sense of JOY
Discover a new way of LIFE


Rewrite your Neuropathways
Choose your own Potential
Create your own Reality
Get to know the REAL YOU

Discover | Enlightenment |
Discover your

As our first ALCHEMICALLY | UNIFIED | PRODUCT, we have designed Enlightenment as a resource and alchemical aid, providing the soul/spirit with a competitive edge against the “old self;” as you integrate with your TRUE POTENTIAL. Above all, every one of our clients report an extended and HEALTHY sense of wellbeing and peace. As well as an unshakable focus and unstoppable energy. In conclusion, many of our clients have experienced feeling in command of their lives for the first time, even after 60 years!

Enlightenment is a proprietary blend of Master Mushrooms and certain Nootropics. As we developed each of these blends, we tested and selected only the most suitable fruiting bodies to ensure the most perfected blend for ENERGY, FOCUS, CREATIVITY, MENTAL ACUITY, CALMNESS, and a HEIGHTENED ABILITY TO LEARN. With our product, you will extend and develop your memory along with HEAL your GUT BIOME.

Most importantly, modern science and medicine has determined that our emotional and mental health is determined by the overall health of our GUT BIOME. If our gut biome is out of alignment and unhealthy, we can almost be guaranteed to be upset all of the time.

This blend, along with all of its cleansing power, will get rid of any unwanted/unhealthy/overgrown flora within the bowel and assist it with cleansing and regulating.

Create a Focused Reality

Gain Command over your Mind and Life! – Find the daily nutritional value needed to excel further into your greatness. Designed to assist the body in optimizing form and function.

Clear your Brain Fog! – Find the Ultimate Clarity of Mind. Clear and open certain Neural Pathways and activate the neural networks needed to propel you into your dreams. Our blend consists of essential aminos, vitamins, minerals, choline donors, and adaptogens that clear brain-fog and promote clarity and concentration.

Sustain a Healthy Well Being! – This blend is designed as a functional adaptogen. As you find the well being and levels of energy you desire, you will be training your body to create this sense of being, by its self.

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