Mother's Day Special! Golden Essential Toner & Floral Salt(Dead Sea) Scrub/Bath

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Mothers Day is just around the corner in every community! Here at RawDimension we are offering our once…


Mothers Day is just around the corner in every community! Here at RawDimension we are offering our once a year deal for the Goddess and Sacred Mother. We honor each of the Divine Feminine that embody Motherhood!

This years special includes:

1 – 60mL Golden Essential Frequency Lavender/Tangerine Face and Skin Toner (Moringa and Jojoba Oils that have been harmonized with our Scalar Transduction Plates and infused with our personal blend of Lavender and Tangerine Oils).

Our premium grade oils will not only provide the spectrum of clarity that you seek with your skin and face, but they will also work to assist you with maintaining energetic clarity during and throughout the day. Blocking out negative/harmful energies/rays that cause aging and wrinkles.

We charge all of our products with a Scalar Transduction Plate that harmonizes the frequencies of the carrier oil(s). Programming them also with the Harmonic/Quantum Imprint of Lavender and Tangerine.

Providing tonality and protection to the Skin and Face.

With our unique process we incorporate several different techniques/modalities into the our creation of our products to create a MULTIDIMENSIONAL approach to caring for your Mind/Body/Spirit. We believe that our health begins and ends in every single moment with everything it is that we bring into our space, mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually. We believe in providing only the highest quality of products for you to be able to maintain your vitality and live a longer life.

We understand that the fountain of youth is within, and to tap it, one must simply create nourishment for their Mind/Body/Soul.

1 – Golden Essential Frequency Floral Bath/Salt Scrub

Our Salt Scrubs also are out of this world. We use the same oils used in our one of a kind Oils and have blended together a special blend this year for the lovely Goddesses in our lives.

This Years Salt Scrub is blended with the same Harmonized Toning Oil that you are provided with for your Skin and Face, while also Harmonizing the Salt itself. Salt has been used for thousands of years as a cleansing and protecting agent. As we begin to crystallize our being into higher and higher dimensions and frequencies, Salt will become one of our greatest allies in shedding energies and cleansing our Harmonic Fields.

This years Scrub is centered around balancing and strengthening of memory and power, whilst working within our dream states. This years SaltScrub will bless and infuse your coming year with LOVE, PROTECTION, LUCK/GOOD FORTUNE, PURIFICATION, EMOTIONAL HEALING.