My name is Demetri Vallejos. I specialize in Sacred Plant Medicines and Shamanic Practices, serving and assisting you to reach your greatest potential, while maximizing your stay here on Earth and in this Cosmos. I serve all beings. Entities from all walks of life. I am here to assist you in reclaiming your place among the stars and empowering you by teaching you how to establish “Heaven,” on your own personal Earth. I am self taught in the Art and Practice of Meditation, as a transient form of self realization, I can help you to understand certain functions and mechanisms of/in the body to assist you within your practice and experience as we take the hero’s journey together through the Cosmos.

I am gifted in the Arts of:

Shamanic Healing Practices
Massage Therapy
Advanced Bionetic Assessment
Chakra Balancing

I have studied, extensively, the ability that plants hold as medicine, to assist us in realigning our being with our authentic self. My focus is providing events/anchoring experiences that will shift the perception held around the ‘SELF’ enabling you to free yourself from the shackles of your past.

As a Magus, in the arts of reality creation within this Cosmos, Hermes Trismegistus is my spiritual guide. I have studied under his/her teaching(s) since birth, and will continue to do so, as I recognize and establish that I am an Ascending Master and Student of the Cosmos. I have recognized and began to fully embody the Universal nature of androgyny, both Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine.

I honor the Mother Spirit of this planet, Gaia. I seek to assist her and all of her children on this planet to heal in completion, creating the space for her to rejoin the rest of the Cosmos throughout the Great Journey of the Cosmos.

I honor our Father Spirit of this system and our Logos, Sol, and aid him in our journey through time and space

I have completed my awareness throughout the “Densities of Consciousness,” and the mechanism that consciousness and spirits operate throughout time/space and space/time. Those of Ra were the stepping stone into remembering my part. We honor them as the “Humble Messengers of the Law of One.” Which simply states: all beings, all entities, everywhere, are one.

Blessed be all beings, everywhere, for all of eternity and time.