Our Mission

Raw Dimension as an entity is focused on shifting the value of culture that binds us all together. Our message simply put, is


“Here at Raw Dimension our mission is to create a space where healing begins and to awaken the Sacred Space within you. We are here to assist you in becoming the Divine Creator that you are through a series of Initiations into Unconditional Love and Sacred Space.”

Our Source of Creation stems from the ONE, from Unity, and from the infinite source of creation that is Unconditional Love. It is our desire to see The Tribe Of ONE, flourish on this planet.

We seek to create Unity on this planet by creating/generating a significant catalyst. A catalyst that will affect the world-over through a specific way of being. Those of us in the Tribe of ONE have no religion. Not because we were not handed one at birth, but because we re-cognize the Unity that exists between us, and we refuse to be a part of a system that is designed to oppress and weaken people.

We recognize that there is only one universal principle, and that is to treat every ONE equal, even though there are no two people alike. This principle is a fundamental mechanism of the Universal Experience that we all share.

The only true path to fulfillment, happiness and peace is through oneness, with ourselves and with others. We love. LOVE is our FAITH. LOVE is our OFFERING to the UNIVERSE. We strive to become OPEN and LOVING so we can deepen our connection to others and create acceptance around the fact that others may think/feel differently than us.

Our mission is to create a platform for Deep Transformation

Through the seeking of the Self, we provide opportunities for those that desire to retreat into a Sacred Space allowing for the methodical exploration of the Self. Within our Sanctuaries/Academies, we are pushing the limits of the Human Potential.

Our mission is to provide initiation into a greater version of ourselves. We aim to provide a healthy perspective that others can enter into based on a level of unique trust, cultivated though an introduction to a sacred relationship. Our teachers and staff members are carefully selected to ensure the safety of the container is maintained throughout your stay.

We LOVE what WE DO, and if we don’t love it, WE DON’T DO IT.
We are the People of TOMORROW.

We don’t want someone to do it for us. We started yesterday, and we continue to work today and everyday to become a NEWHuman Civilization. We are the humans of Tomorrow, here today. Our mission is to assist you with the healing of your lineage, through taking time to understand the self and unravel the pain of past generations.

Demetri Mutumbajoy
Raw Dimension