Integration and Implementation

If with patience you attend to the present moment and desire as purely as possible to know the love of the one Creator, that which is yours to do and that which is yours to be shall rhythmically come to you and express to you. And when you feel resistance, stop. Wait. Be aware. There is something that you need to know. Make space for that knowledge. Go into the silence and ask. Then be prepared to wait for that moment when the heart knows, and there is no more doubt.


Integration Sessions w/ Crystal Sound Therapy and Meditation

In my personal integration sessions, we will sit down together and go into the details of your experience – and as we uncover the important parts of your experience, I will begin to instruct you through a series of meditative breathing techniques that will focus your mind|body and create coherence within the heart and other bioenergy fields

  • 90 minute sessions
  • Crystal Sound Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ebook on Subtle Energy Fields and Biofields

Integration Sessions w/ Healing Touch and Crystal Sound Therapy

These sessions were originally for clients who needed body work done after EMDR therapies done by a licensed clinical social worker. (LCSW) But as I saw the need for others to experience the magic of these sessions, together we are able to work through some deep spaces and traumas that get stored in the body and release them through crystal sound bowls/vibration/tapping/and body work.

  • (3hr) Three Hour Long – Table Sessions
    • Receive Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Revitalizing Swedish Relaxation with Aromatherapy