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Subtle Energy Body Training

There are always moments throughout life that leave us feeling confused… Experiences that stimulate our senses with a feeling, unknown to our psyche. The emotions felt, will remain present with our being until we find a sensible understanding and awareness surrounding the underlying truth, hidden with.

Throughout the Aeons, there have been civilizations that have bridged/created pathways between the two worlds – helping each other evolve by sharing Indigenous Wisdom through our connection to the Earth and the Universal Life-force.

As these civilizations recognized their growth, they developed SYSTEMS for EVOLUTION. These systems are ARCHETYPAL in nature, representing FACETS/FACULTIES of our consciousness. Thus emerges Bionetics and the study of our connection to the ALL.

Through my study of Integrative Medicine, I will introduce you to a base foundation; an awareness that will foster Transcendence in/throughout your life. I welcome you to the most advanced Bionetic Coaching Program available.

This Program will Change your Life and take you DEEP into your own psyche and assist you in producing the results you crave in life, by initiating you into a broader understanding of our connection between the mind/body.

Instructor:  Robert Vallejos
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