Have you been called into Sacred Initiation?

Working together with Psychedelic Therapist’s, Guides and Healers, and other Initiates –
we work to Strengthen your Practice of Leadership and Curation of the Numinous through a careful and dedicated understanding of “Self” and through a careful and practical approach to these ancient and powerful traditions.

Dedicated to training our teachers and facilitators in the most traditional methods possible:
We advocate for an approach that interfaces our Initiates and Teachers directly with Mother Ayahuasca in her natural habitat and environment – to give our students the opportunity to commune directly with the indigenous and to learn from the elders and wisdom keepers that carry this medicine as stewards for the benefit of mankind.

In this way – we give back in reciprocity – directly to the tribes that carry this ancient wisdom and knowledge for the world over – to learn, experience and integrate with –
on a deep level for humanity.

Do you believe in the ancient traditions of
the Original Peoples of this planet?

To Answer the Calling of Initiation is one of the most Sacred Callings we can honor, as stewards of this Earth.

As part of the original logos –
we are direct descendants of the Ancient Inca.

As Part of the one Original Thought
Mans place in the Universe is right here on Earth.
We are part of Nature

The Logos/Sun our Father – the Earth, our Mother.
Heaven and Earth

Every being that has ever lived, we are each part of – and they us.
We are infinitely connected to one another and the purpose of Life is to grow and to evolve as we receive further the catalyst that is Life.

These initiations and practices were/are born out of a pure love for the service of man-kind and to assist our fellow seekers and healers in healing and clearing space for their greatness so they can practice in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

What ever it is that you do, doing/being with your full presence and devotion is important.

It is our passion:

— to serve, soothe, nurture, teach and initiate in a caring and playful way that will activate and empower your healing/integration process so that you will continue along your pathway in service to your purpose and passion in life.

If you are interested in attending one of our trainings and initiations, please complete the form below and

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