A Model Of Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy


Stanford Professor Dr. William Tiller is a well-respected researcher physicist, and expert on subtle energy. The model of subtle energy described here and its relationship to physical energies is based on several of his papers and books.
Dr tiller says that we might not be able to measure subtle energies through physical means, but we can detect some of their signals. This is because, as they change one type of energy into another, they create a transducer signal at the magnetic vector. They also generate electric and magnetic signals that have observable effects.
Tiller’s research has led him to state following about subtle energies:

  • They are manifested by people as revealed in experiments that show subtle energies can increase electron sizes and numbers.
  • A person ca direct the flow of this energy through intention.
  • This mind-electron interaction is effective even over great distances.Subtle Energy

Subtle Energies follow a different set of laws than do physical energies, and radiate their energy with unique characteristics. There is not just one type of subtle energy, however. Tiller postulates several subtle substances, each of which occupies a different time-space domain.
These domains are different levels of reality. Subtle energy flows downward from the highest, which Tiller calls “the Divine.” Each level provides a template for the level below. As the subtle energy enters the next domain, it adapts — but also instructs. The laws differ on each of these levels because the energy gets denser.

Tiller’s levels of subtle reality range from the most to the least dense:

  • Physical
  • Etheric (also called bioplastic, prephysical, or energy body)
  • Astral
  • Three levels of the mind:
    • Instinctive
    • Intellectual
    • Spiritual
  • Spirit
  • The Divine

Subtle Energy

The Etheric level is just above the physical level. According to Tiller, etheric subtle energy penetrates all levels of material existence, and through the polarity principle forms atoms and molecules that make matter. Our mind interacts with the etheric energy (and above) to create patterns in the physical dimension. These patterns act like a force field that links us to the adjacent energy level.

Tillers explanation of the physical level versus the etheric is similar to that proposed by the experts featured in “The Structure of the Subtle Anatomy” on page 8.  He suggests that the physical realm occupies a positive time-space frame that is mainly electrical, in which opposites attract; over time, potential decreases, and entropy (chaos) increases. The etheric realm, conversely, is a negative time-space domain that is highly magnetic: like attracts like. As time passes in this realm potential increases and entropy decreases; therefore, more order is established.

We might suggest that communication in the physical realm is accomplished through the five senses; to reach into the etheric level (and above), we must use our intuition — the sixth sense.

Within Tiller’s model, the meridians and chakras operates like antennae that detect and send signals from the physical into the upper domains. These subtle structures interact between the physical body and the etheric (and other) realms, illuminating higher orders so that we can perceive them from the physical plane.

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Sacred Boundaries

A Metaphor on Boundaries…

Some people will struggle with understanding WHY boundaries exist – NOT as an act of separation, but AS A FORM OF HONOR AND RESPECT FOR THE OTHER – and their personal level/desire for “CLEANLINESS” of their OWN PERSONAL SPACE.
“…When one is constantly drifting off into the CURRENTS of OTHERS and has no place to call their own, One will then, and ONLY then understand WHY seeds grow ROOTS and develop their SPACE – A Plant does this by STRENGTHENING the Earth, and through SUPPORTING the ECOSYSTEM around the Self.”

– They say we are a product of our environment

IF this is a Truth, then naturally, by and large, through our ability to discern what is healthy for our individuated Self, we may find an ability to create Synergy within our environment and in turn be the One who manifests the catalyst of synergistic change inside of an environment, spawning a ‘movement.’
EMERGENCE then, as a quality of nature, is an inherent development of the ETERNAL BEING/PRESENCE that just IS.
This “Emergence” is an inevitability within/by Nature herself – a continuation/inertia to grow, die, learn, decay – rebirthing yourself in each moment.
Like “cell’s,” we individuate – yet we coalesce – to create synergy out of/from the Whole, through/with communication, and understanding of function/placement within the system.
– “A Sheep will not pretend it’s a Wolf.”
“Be mindful/care-full of whom you allow into your space. Do not harbor the weak-minded, for they will disturb your peace – and create entropy within your Mind.”
– Hermés Trismegistus


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The Sacred Power of Breath

The Sacred Power of Breath 
























In these deeply emotional and disruptive times the energy that is dominating our Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual Landscapes is getting CLEARED with each ONE of our CONSCIOUS breaths. It’s true that we awaken with the breath; that with each conscious breath we are breathing LIFE into our BEING. The power of our imagination is a great asset when working with the breath.

During odd times of insecurity and upheaval it is crucial that we remain grounded and that we handle our space with care. In caring for our space we offer our presence into the present moment and illuminate the darkness that we see/hear/feel, with our breath.

Breathing into the space that are contracting…




How far? How Deep? How long will we go before we see the change we seek?



“I am not my body, 
I am not even my mind. 
We just ARE. 
Everything just IS.
I am the Storm. 
I am the Water. 
I am the Clouds. 
I am the Thunder. 
I am the Lightning. 
I am the Sun Shining through the Clouds. 
I am that I am. We are the presence of Eternity, carrying out the Sacred Work that our ancestors began.”

Just Breathe…

As we find our way into the Sacred Psychic Temples/Lodges of our Time – as within, so without – we are ASKING FOR/INVOKING our POWER simply with/through Sacred Soul-Felt Intention. While the involution of our programming, energizes the working, creating the language base and lexicon that we identify our individual multidimensional reality with, our focus determines the placement of power/light for illumination.  These are elements/faculties of our MIND. Sometimes we get lost in the Ocean of Chaos that is Experience, it is important to set waypoints, and create anchoring experiences – ultimately build a map of the mind by taking a moral inventory and catalyzing the Spirit into a Vessel that Shuttles/Propels our Sacred Selfs throughout the Physical. Here we may recognize the necessary and sacred element of grounding and welcome it into our space during these difficult times.



MIND over MATTER, Right?
Or is it a Left?

The process known as “INVOLUTION,” begins in a way in which THE ALL becomes “Involved,” or “wrapped up,” in its personal creation – you, me, the writer, painter, drawer, dancer, etc.. – almost seemingly forgets itself throughout the process. It is our INTENTION of creating DIVINE ATTENTION of THE ALL to maintain a healthy state of INVOLUTION. This takes place throughout the process of becoming – from – mindful intention. 

The creator for a time forgets his/her own existence, and is in a dreamlike state of manifestation.
Just breathe…

“I am the power of intention,
I manifest more presence with
each breath.

I am abundance.

Om Lakshmi Namaha”

At this stage, one typically will experience what is known as an “OUTPOURING” of Divine Energy/Consciousness, while the Evolutionary state is called the “Indrawing.” It is in these states that we are able to interject and create with FOCUSED ATTENTION/INTENTION. This is the power of Manifestation. We use the word “Meditation,” in describing the process of the mental creation of the Universe in the Mind of THE ALL – the word “Contemplation” also being frequently employed.”

These words/ideations seem to call forth the Divine Attention of our Being.


“Focus the mind, and create a healthy dwelling there. Refine oneself with the practice of breathing correctly. Meditate on the forms and symbols and seek awareness of your perfection.”

My love and appreciation. Blessings to your week!
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– Demetri

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It is my highest joy and passion to work with the people of this planet on the deepest of levels. Empowering them to see the DIVINE GOD/GODDESS within themselves and their experience.
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The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence

The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence 

“As above so below, as below so above.”
The Kybalion




“As the roots of the tree equal its branches, so do our inner worlds match the outer worlds.
As the leaves of the tree nourish the roots, so does the mind, when set free realize its truth.
Nourish yourself with freedom and allow yourself to discover your own personal truth. 

Everything is a Balance.”
– Yaima

How language creates our reality… 

This concept/axiom/principle shows a pathway that is often traversed in many areas of life, especially word usage and language. How we are communicating with our lexicon, and how we may better craft/discover a lever into our subconscious minds. This principle is a key into many of the doors that we seek within. Language and our word usage there of:

“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words.
And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.”
― Terence McKenna

This Hermetic Principle is held in universal application and manifestation, on the many and various planes of the Material, Mental, and Spiritual Universe – it is a Universal Law. For language is mostly how we recognize these “IDEAS” or “THOUGHTS.”  This is considered to be one of the most important Hermetic Principles and mental instruments/tools for the Seeker by which Man is able to pry aside the obstacles which hide the unknown. 

This tool has been used to pierce the veil since discovered…

above, below
Studying the Microcosm of our being empowers us to discover the Macrocosm, and creates opportunity for us to reason with the intelligent infinity from the known into the unknown. We are able to view an anchoring/polarizing effect in the wake of our choices in studying this Hermetic Principle, We are able to initiate the communication between us and the Divine.

As above, So below…

With this Hermetic Principle, One is able to traverse the hidden landscapes of the Mind, and craft a vessel of the Spirit to transcend the Personal self, into the TransPersonal Self. Discover your healing potential within by understanding the basic 7 Hermetic Principle (s).

“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”
― Terence McKenna

Hear ye and list ye, O children of Khem,
to the words that I give that shall bring ye to the Light.
Ye know, O men, that I knew your fathers,
aye, your fathers in a time long ago.
Deathless have I been through all the ages,
living among ye since your knowledge began.

Leading ye upward to the Light of the Great Soul
have I ever striven,
drawing ye from out of the darkness of night.

Know ye, O people amongst whom I walk,
that I, Thoth, have all of the knowledge
and all of the wisdom known, to man since the ancient days.
Keeper have I been of the secrets of the great race,
holder of the key that leads into life.
Bringer up have I been to ye, O my children,
even from the darkness of the Ancient of Days.
List ye now to the words of my wisdom.
List ye now to the message I bring.
Hear ye now the words I give thee, and
ye shall be raised from the darkness to Light.

Far in the past, when first I came to thee,
found I thee in caves of rocks.
Lifted I thee by my power and wisdom
until thou didst shine as men among men.
Aye, found I thee without any knowing.
Only a little were ye raised beyond beasts.
Fanned I ever the spark of thy consciousness
until at last ye flamed as men.

Now shall I speak to thee knowledge ancient
beyond the thought of thy race.
Know ye that we of the Great Race
had and have knowledge that is more than man’s.
Wisdom we gained from the star-born races,
wisdom and knowledge far beyond man.
Down to us had descended the masters of wisdom
as far beyond us as I am from thee.
List ye now while I give ye wisdom.
Use it and free thou shalt be.

Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys
that shall show ye the Way into life.
Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded,
to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway.
Draw ye another opposite in the same angle and direction.
Dig ye and find that which I have hidden.
There shall ye find the underground entrance to
the secrets hidden before ye were men.

Tell ye I now of the mystery of cycles
that move in movements that are strange to the finite,
for infinite are they beyond knowledge of man.
Know ye that there are nine of the cycles;
aye, nine above and fourteen below,
moving in harmony to the place of joining
that shall exist in the future of time.
Know ye that the Lords of the Cycles
are units of consciousness sent from the others to unify
This with the All.
Highest are They of the consciousness
of all the Cycles, working in harmony with the Law.
Know They that in time all will be perfected,
having none above and none below, but all One
in a perfected Infinity, a harmony of all in the Oneness of All.

Deep neath the Earth surface in the Halls of Amenti
sit the Seven, the Lords of the Cycles,
aye, and another, the Lord from below.
Yet know thee that in Infinity there is
neither above nor below.
But ever there is and ever shall be
Oneness of All when all is complete.
Oft have I stood before the Lords of the All.
Oft at the fount of their wisdom have drunken and
filled both my body and Soul with their Light.

Spake they to me and told me of cycles
and the Law that gives them the means to exist.
Aye, spake to me the Lord of the Nine saying:
O, Thoth, great are ye among Earth children,
but mysteries exist of which ye know not.
Ye know that ye came from a space-time below
this and know ye shall travel to a space-time beyond.
But little ye know of the mysteries within them,
little ye know of the wisdom beyond. Know ye that
ye as a whole in this consciousness
are only a cell in the process of growth.

The consciousness below thee is ever-expanding
in different ways from those known to thee.
Aye, it, though in space-time below thee,
is ever growing in ways that are different from
those that were part of the ways of thine own.
For know that it grows as a result of thy growth
but not in the same way that thou didst grow.
The growth that thou had and have in the present
have brought into being a cause and effect.
No consciousness follows the path of those before it,
else all would be repetition and vain.
Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in
follows its own path to the ultimate goal.
Each plays its part in the Plan of the Cosmos.
Each plays its part in the ultimate end.
The farther the cycle, the greater its
knowledge and ability to blend the Law of the whole.

Know ye, that ye in the cycles below us
are working the minor parts of the Law,
while we of the cycle that extends to Infinity
take of the striving and build greater Law.

Each has his own part to play in the cycles.
Each has his work to complete in his way.
The cycle below thee is yet not below thee
but only formed for a need that exists.
For know ye that the fountain of wisdom
that sends forth the cycles is eternally
seeking new powers to gain.
Ye know that knowledge is gained only by practice,
and wisdom comes forth only from knowledge,
and thus are the cycles created by Law.
Means are they for the gaining of knowledge
for the Plane of Law that is the Source of the All.

The cycle below is not truly below but only
different in space and in time.
The consciousness there is working and
testing lesser things than those ye are.
And know, just as ye are working on greater,
so above ye are those who are also working
as ye are on yet other laws.
The difference that exists between the cycles
is only in ability to work with the Law.
We, who have being in cycles beyond thee,
are those who first came forth from the
Source and have in the passage through
time-space gained ability to use
Laws of the Greater that are far beyond
the conception of man.
Nothing there is that is really below thee
but only a different operation of Law.

Look thee above or look thee below,
the same shall ye find.
For all is but part of the Oneness
that is at the Source of the Law.
The consciousness below thee is
part thine own as we are a part of thine.

Ye, as a child had not the knowledge
that came to ye when ye became a man.
Compare ye the cycles to man in his journey
from birth unto death,
and see in the cycle below thee the child
with the knowledge he has;
and see ye yourself as the child grown older,
advancing in knowledge as time passes on.
See ye, We, also, the child grown to manhood
with the knowledge and wisdom that came
with the years.
So also, O Thoth, are the cycles of consciousness,
children in different stages of growth,
yet all from the one Source, the Wisdom,
and all to the Wisdom returning again.

Ceased then He from speaking and sat
in the silence that comes to the Lords.
Then again spake He unto me, saying:
Oh Thoth, long have We sat in Amenti,
guarding the flame of life in the Halls.
Yet know, we are still part of our
Cycles with our Vision reaching unto them and beyond.
Aye, know we that of all,
nothing else matters excepting the growth
we can gain with our Soul.
Know we the flesh is fleeting.
The things men count great are nothing to us.
The things we seek are not of the body
but are only the perfected state of the Soul.
When ye as men can learn that nothing but
progress of Soul can count in the end,
then truly ye are free from all bondage,
free to work in a harmony of Law.

Know, O man, ye should aim at perfection,
for only thus can ye attain to the goal.
Though ye should know that nothing is perfect,
yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.

Ceased again the voice of the Nine,
and into my consciousness the words had sunk.
Now, seek I ever more wisdom
that I may be perfect in Law with the All.

Soon go I down to the Halls of Amenti
to live beneath the cold flower of life.
Ye whom I have taught shall nevermore see me.
Yet live I forever in the wisdom I taught.

All that man is is because of his wisdom.
All that he shall be is the result of his cause.

List ye, now to my voice and become
greater than common man.
Lift thine eyes upward,
let Light fill thy being,
be thou ever Children of Light.
Only by effort shall ye grow upward to
the plane where Light is the All of the All.
Be ye the master of all that surrounds thee.
Never be mastered by the effects of thy life.
Create then ever more perfect causes
and in time shalt thou be a Sun of the Light

Free, let thine soul soar ever upward,
free from the bondage and fetters of night.
Lift thine eyes to the Sun in the sky-space.
For thee, let it be a symbol of life.
Know that thou art the Greater Light,
perfect in thine own sphere,
when thou art free.
Look not ever into the blackness.
Lift up thine eyes to the space above.
Free let thine Light flame upward
and shalt thou be a Child of the Light.


The Emerald Tablets




“Each of us can manifest the properties of a field of consciousness
that transcends space, time, and linear causality.” – Stanislav Grof


( The Principle Of Correspondence )
Art Credit: Tatiana Plakhova


Waking up to Ayahuasca – The Sacred Mother



The Principle of Mentalism

MentalismThe Principle of Mentalism

The Kybalion

The “ALL” is the “MIND” – it can be considered an ENTITY as a conglomerate, THE ALL exists as a WHOLE. It is THE ALL. It may be considered and meditated on as a Universal LIVING Mind. We LIVE and EXIST WITHIN this mind.

The “UNIVERSE”,  – the material universe/phenomena of life/energy/universe – is MENTAL. 

The ALL IS the MIND that creates THOUGHT – or in other “words” – THE ALL creates the universal expression of itself as we experience it within our 5 senses. The Earth and it’s axis, the Sun and its expressed/impressed level of Gravity that it conducts – the energies, all the math and geometries — all of THIS … We are created out of THOUGHT. The ONE Original Thought, by our ONE INFINITE CREATOR. Thus is the principle of Mentalism.

(Please notice the differences in punctuation and capitalization of the letters and language here for it is important.)

Now come to think about how we create our realities for a moment…


We are literally an expression of a thought that is self organizing and self regulated. An autonomous “thought.” The notations that are being described with these very letters as they are expressed are thoughts of the thoughts of the thoughts of our Creator. Ever inward and ever outward. As above, so below. As below, so above.

This principle is one to be meditated upon for the purpose of distinct clarity and awareness of the Minds ability to search for and create new awareness through focused attention/intention.

Our Intentional Existence is a foundational pillar of our power; of our ability to source that power, and the ability to create from that space.



“Apply the Mental Laws – and enter the Sacred Psychic Temples. Mastery of the Mind is above All.”

“He who grasps the truth of Mental nature of the universe is well advanced on the path to mastery. “

The Kybalion





Waking up to Ayahuasca – The Sacred Mother

For those of you who were blessed to have experienced the great miracles of the plant, a lot of what I will say will resonate with you on many levels. For those who are not acquainted with Ayahuasca, what it is and what it does, I have to admit from beginning that it’s very hard to give you either a complete picture or a succinct introduction. So please forgive me for trying.
Put bluntly, Ayahuasca is a brew reduction made from two different Amazonian plants, one of which contains the psychoactive molecule DMT. It has been used for millennia by tribes for physical, psychological and spiritual healing, accessing deep wisdom and attaining visions and guidance. For me Ayahuasca is a healer, a magician, a teacher and a key to inter-dimensional doorways. The experiences are hard to convey in words, partly because we have no conceptual correlates to them and because they are so rich and multi-dimensional that our language of the world can only flatten those experiences and divest them of their deeper meaning.
However I have tried to extract some recurrent themes from my notes and journal that go beyond my own subjective experiences of incredible healing, guidance and transformation. What I want to convey are those fundamental anecdotes that emerged from these recurrent themes. They are lessons on sacred truths about life and consciousness that are a message to all of us.

1. Normal Waking Consciousness is only a Sliver of our Entire Consciousness/Being:

My very first experience baffled me. My waking consciousness was active – I could reason, think and observe yet I was at the same time dreaming, having visions, revelations and perceiving reality beyond my normal perception. I asked “how is this possible?”. I didn’t get an answer – I was the answer: The revelation that this is always like that. When we perceive the world through our normal waking consciousness we are just filtering out all the rest, except for moments of intuition, deep meditation and trance states. They are not separate, we are only applying filters. This was the first time I experienced the Self as a whole.

2. Everything is Consciousness:

Everything in the multi-verses is consciousness. Matter is also imbued with consciousness, although consciousness varies in degrees. Consciousness informs matter and matter informs consciousness. My first thoughts about this revelation were that it gives justice to panpsychism, the view that consciousness is universal. it also explains why philosophy of Science and mind had been facing the elusive ‘hard problem of consciousness’, simply because they were seeing consciousness as an emergent effect rather than a fundamental property of everything.

 3. There is no Separation – we only perceive it that way:

One commonly shared experience by people drinking Ayahuasca is entering a state of non-duality or unity consciousness. In this state you know that separation is an illusion. All different forms of life and matter are interconnected at some basic level with the source – the universal consciousness. We cannot see it because the perception of separation is hard-wired in our brain. It’s the only way the brain can conceive the physical world. But the fact is that we are truly all one. The perception of separateness, reinforced by the ego-consciousness, has hindered us from conceiving certain truths that so many ancient spiritual traditions have been drumming for millennia.

4. Love and light are the Basic Fabric of All that is:

This was a beautiful insight that left me in awe and took me some time afterwards to integrate and accommodate it in my normal view of the world. In one vision, I was seeing like billions of dots and filaments of light that also manifested the colour spectrum of white light at the same time.  They were moving through everything. I asked “what is this light?” The ‘answer’ was that it is love, a sort of energy frequency that runs through everything. It is the basic fabric of realities. It reminded me of concepts of ‘Tao’ or ‘God’. I appreciated the true meaning of the word ‘enlightenment’! I also understood that darkness is the blocking of this light and our disconnection with it. Clear out the blockages and it will flow again naturally and without judgment.

5. Negative thoughts, Judgements and Fear Obstruct the Light:

At the same time I was having the lesson of Light and Love, someone in the group distracted me. I passed a very quick critical thought about the person. Suddenly as soon as the thought passed through my mind, black ‘branches’ started growing in my vision and blocking out some of the light dots and filaments. Two lessons in one from the teacher Ayahuasca!

6. Life is but a Dream:

This is an insight that emerged out of several others. This consensual ‘reality’ we live in is a very dense dream. But it’s a dream nonetheless and the real purpose is to wake up from it – To get out of the matrix so to speak. We navigate through most of our waking life unconsciously, following pre-fabricated templates of action and response. It’s the same thing as our dreams at night. We are mostly unconscious in both apart from very brief and rare moments of awakening (Lucid dreaming in the case of night dreams). There are an infinity of dreams and realities we do not know of. This ‘reality’ is just one out of an infinity.

7. Attention, Intention and Will are Key to Bend your Reality:

Attention is central to our conscious awareness. When you focus your attention on something, you open up ideas, learn faster, get solutions and achieve goals. Attention is laser focusing the energy of your awareness on something. Intention is focusing your whole consciousness, the full spectrum of your consciousness beyond your waking consciousness, onto something. Intention is not thinking, awareness or visualising imagery only, although these are part of it. Intention comes from an ‘open heart’ and that is where real power lies. Intention is fearless and lacks preconceptions or expectations. When you truly intend something, you are sending out a ripple in that web of interconnected consciousness and it will respond accordingly.
The will goes hand in hand with intention. You can have will without intention but cannot have intention without will. Will is when you are emotionally aligned with your intention. Will together with intention can truly bend reality and make even the oddest of outcomes possible.

8. We are very Powerful:

When you experience your whole self outside the confines of the mind, you realise of your true power. You understand that there are no fears, beliefs, expectations or thoughts limiting you. The limits are broken and you awake in a complete different reality with very little boundaries. I don’t have enough space to describe what can be achieved in that state. The short end of it is that you are totally aware that you are a creator and not just a creation. The rules of the game change.

9. We are Free:

We have been subdued to fear, judgement and mental limitations of all sorts. We were made to believe that we are subject to fate, authority and scarcity. We were made to believe we are not free. But hell yes we are and experiencing the multi-dimensionality of your Self makes you truly understand how really free you are!

10. There is Hope for Humanity:

Above all, my experiences with the Ayahuasca were always ones of hope and trust. Immense love, magical beauty and great optimism. There was always a message of hope. I saw and experienced so many benevolent forces and enlightened conscious entities (most of which I cannot describe here) that are working together to elevate human consciousness from the shackles of fear and darkness. We are not alone,  I can promise you this.

– Gilbert Ross

Master Mushroom Nootropic

As our first ALCHEMICALLY | UNIFIED | PRODUCT, we have designed our | Master Mushroom Nootropic | as a resource and study aid, providing you with a competitive edge against your old self; as you integrate with your TRUE POTENTIAL. (Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Black Hoof, Poria, White Jelly, Cordyceps 8:1….)


Butterbur (Petasites Hybidus)




Butterbur, or also known as, Petasites Hybidus, has been used medicinally for over two millennia. Although related to sunflowers, they have a very different structure and unique combination of chemicals that make the plant highly sought after. Green above and woolly gray below, the heart shaped leaves may reach nearly 3 feet in diameter on plants growing under ideal conditions on marshy ground.


Native Range

This plant is centered mostly in cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe, Asia, and North America.

Historical Facts

  • The ancient Greeks used Butterbur to treat asthma as well as relieve coughs and other respiratory conditons.
  • In medieval Europe, infusions of the roots or leaves were a remedy for treating hoarseness, bronchial infections, urinary tract complaints, expelling intestinal worms, as well as given to lower fever and calm intestinal ailments.
  • In the 1600s, fresh butterbur leaves went into poultices that were applied to swelling, painful joints, cramped muscles, rashes, wounds, and other irritations, and was even smoked to relieve nagging coughs.

Therapeutic Uses

  • As butterbur is an antihistamine substance, it naturally helps relieve coughs and various other respiratory conditions such as seasonal allergies (without the drowsiness or other side effects associated with taking antihistamines).  The compounds in the root appear to inhibit mast cells- a type of cell involved in nasal congestion and allergies.
  • As this plant is expectorant, it helps stimulate the expulsion of mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tract and nasal cavities.
  • The extraction of the gargantuan leaves and creeping rhizomes of this plant are sources of two chemical compounds, Petasin and Isopetasin, that are directly linked to reducing the duration, frequency and intensity of migraine headaches by as much as 50 percent.
  • Standard treatments are designed to control symptoms by calming sensitive nerve pathways and preventing spasms of the cranial blood vessels as well as future attacks due to it being a powerful immune booster.
  • Due to it’s immediate reduction to inflammation, butterbur can be used to reduce fevers and to ease irritation of the small intestine.


Overall Benefits

  • Migraines
  • Inflammation
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Stomach Irritation
  • Urinary tract infections


  • Butterbur contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA), a group of compounds that can be toxic to the liver. Only Products labeled “PA free” should be used. Butterbur extracts that are PA free appear to be quite safe when used as directed.
  • Use of Butterbur in pregnancy and lactation is discouraged.


“Rebecca L. Johnson, Steven Foster, Tirana Low Dog, David Kiefer. (2010) National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs. Washington DC: National Geographic Society.”