The Seven Universal Laws II

Aleister Crowley – Thoth Deck

The Principle of Correspondence,

“As the roots of the tree equal its branches, so do our inner worlds match the outer worlds. As the leaves of the tree nourish the roots, does the mind, when set free realize the truth. Nourish yourself with freedom and allow yourself to discover your own personal truth.”

This Axiom, “As above, So Below,” shows a pathway that may be traversed between many areas in our lives, and especially within the Minds perception of the All, and our connection to the Monad.

In other words, How we are communicating with our Collective lexicon and Collective Consciousness.

This principle is on universal application and manifestation, on the various planes of the material – Be they mental, Physical, or spiritual in the universe – This Axiom is a Universal Law.

“As Above So Below, As Below So above.”

– Hermès Trismegistus

This is considered to be one of the most important principles and mental instruments/tools for the Seeker by which Man is able to pry aside the obstacles which hide the unknown. This tool has been used to pierce the veil for some time now, in memorial.

Studying the Microcosm of our being empowers us to discover the Macrocosm, and creates opportunity for us to reason with the intelligent infinity from the known into the unknown. When one begins to expand into the heart, one must needs have worked through the lower centers by cleansing, purifying, and balancing them before proceeding upwards into the expansion of the energy contained therein.

We naturally will find AWARENESS of the SELF through this process.. Every individuated consciousness is a sub fractal of the whole that synergistically expands and contracts at the users desire.

We are GODS in the FLESH, only we have forgotten our Power.”

Hierophant, hieroglyphics, and hierarch” have a common root: hieros, a Greek word meaning “sacred.”  The original hierophants were priests of the ancient Greek city of Eleusis who performed sacred rites. In the 17th century, when the word was first documented in English, it referred to these priests.

– Merriam – WEbster

The coming back from the amnesia requires a dedication and commitment to the greater aspects of our being-ness. Further allowing ourselves to be directed but THE ALL. Holding a deeply rooted intention here is crucial for the development of our DIVINE GIFTS. As we connect into this awareness of the Monad,

“Integra Naturae” – Robert Fludd – Circa 1618

It is in every moment, that we are being directed and simultaneously doing the directing; We are the wind and the Sail; The Ocean and the Wave. yet we as a species must come into the distinct awareness of our Divine humility and Humanity in order to better understand and recognize when we are in knowing, and when we are without knowing. This is reflective of our [in]-ability to comprehend the fullness of our power right out of the gates.

For if one [was] in full understanding of the power that lies within with[out] a properly functioning “moral compass,” something that comes only with time and throughout life, would we be the metaphoric kid with a magnifying glass burning down the ant hill or the Gods in the flesh that we truly are. “The power is in the Eye of the beholder.”

This statement is in full re-cognition of the [im]maturity that exists with us as a species. And what we as a species need to correct and better integrate with, in order to find the peace and abundance this Universe/Kosmos truly has to offer us.

As we develop further into this area of our being-ness as a species, we will see a shift in our ability to impact our world and better our environment along with aid our timing of “response-ability,” and also our account-ability.” 

These two aspects, of the faculty that is our humanity, develop with time. Of course with a deep Consideration of our willingness to grow and evolve our sacred and divine rite of passage that we only allow in when we so choose and call it forth.

Through full recognition of the Law of Correspondence, we are able to see the functioning of our finite/infinite-ness and simultaneously our infinite/finite-ness, this is Law. 

We are the Father, the Mother, and Son/Daughter. We are the ALL. 

Through Developing an understanding around this awareness and the ALL, will we gather a glimpse into the nature of correspondence with the HIGHER/LOWER MINDS. 

“As above, so below”
“the Universe is Mental, The ALL is MIND.”

-The Hermetist

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