The Hermetic Teachings I

It is truly an interesting event…

…when we find ourself relishing in Self-Cognizance, The moment When we choose to see ourselves as we truly are. It is this instant, and In our grandest forms that we truly become the magicians of our universe. The moment when we choose to undertake the learnings and teachings of the ancients, and begin where they left off. we begin to choose and develop our own Spiritual Understanding of What IS, and what May be. All that it requires is simply attuning ourselves and the ‘Self’ to the most fundamental core truths and mechanics of Nature. LOve.

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We have determined this space and the network contained within to be of purity and welcome others to join us in the building of this knowledge base. Creating a foundation for future initiates to find their way through the darkness.

During the succeeding posts, we will begin by providing the seeker with an introduction and a series of trainings and initiations in order to provide a deeper and more refined access to the Knowledge pertained to Hermès Trismegistus and the Secrets of real Magic.

The secrets of true manifestation of our Divine Potential

It is our goal to provide only the most refined teachings and display them in a way that provides further insight into the Sacred Self.

The ability to ‘Know Thyself‘ is held within the most Ancient of Teachings.

Everything that has been created came into being through the effects of the elements. This applies to the macrocosm as well as to the microcosm, the large and the small worlds. The profound and multifarious importance of the Elements has been hidden from literature for several reasons in an attempt to starve us our sacred and divine magic.

This is our rebellion.

Our sacred Awakening.

Our divine Providence.

This… is our moment – And in this infinite moment, we will find ourselves within the Omnipotence that Is our Cosmos.

It is of course a difficult task to enlighten the uninitiated so that they are not only made aware of the existence and the activity of the elements, but also the fact that they are made employable in everyday workings, in a practical yet meditative approach.

This is our attempt to assist with recognizing the palpable significance of every day experience. And the Sacred magic contained therein.

The entire universe can be compared to a clockwork with wheels that engage with each other and which are interdependent with each other. Even the concept of the deity as the highest comprehensible being can be categorized in aspects analogous to the elements. In the most ancient Oriental writings the Elements are called tattvas. In European and American literature/culture we only pay attention to them in so far as their good effects are concerned, and we are warned about the unfavorable influences. In other words, under the influence of the Elements, particular actions can either be undertaken or not.

The effects of the elements or tattvas for personal use can be sufficiently determined through books on cosmobiology and astrology.

Throughout these posts we will not only unveil the theory; but attention will be paid to the practice, because it is here that you will find the greatest Arcanum explained in palpable depth.

It is our highest joy and passion to work with the people of this planet on the deepest of levels. Helping them to see the DIVINE GOD/GODDESS within themselves and their experience.

Even in the Tarot, the oldest book of wisdom, this great mystery of the elements is recorded by having the first Tarot card represent the Magician, who emphasizes knowledge and command of elements. On this first Tarot card the Disc/Coin symbolizes the element of Earth, The Sword represents that of Air, The Torch/Wand represents that of Fire, the Cup represents that of Water.

Together they represent the Elements.

This Ancient Book, known as the Tarot, chose to depict The Magician and the command over the elements as the first act of Initiation. In honor of this tradition, We will honor and devote our greatest care and attention to detail within regards to the elements and their ability to further our growth and learning potential for our Magical abilities,

To understand our Healing, it will become evident that the Key held within the Elements is a Universal Remedy with which all problems that may occur may be solved.

Aleister Crowley – Thoth Deck – The Magician

In accordance with Hindu teachings, the four coarser tattvas came forth from the fifth tattva, the Akasha principle. Therefore the Akasha is the causal principle and, as the fifth energy, it is to be acknowledged as the so called quintessence. Throughout these posts, we will define in great detail, this Akasha, the Finest of Elements.


As this discourse begins between the dweller within and the seeker, we will also cover the specific attributes and characteristics of each element, beginning with the highest plane down to the coarsest of physical matter. By now the reader must have come to the conclusion that it is a difficult matter describing the infinite and is no easy task to analyze the great mysteries of Creation and to find the proper words.

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