The Hermetic Body

A well known proverb states: “A sound mind in a sound body.”

The profound truth which is contained in these words will become very clear to everyone that truly devotes themselves to the practice of Health, wealth, and wellness within the Human Being.

The question certainly arises: “What is health from the Hermetic Perspective?”

Not everyone will be in the position to answer this question immediately, because most human beings will explain the question of health from an entirely individual and medical point of view. However, from the Hermetic viewpoint, Health is considered to be complete harmony of the energies that work within the body. In other words, Harmony of the MIND | BODY | SPIRIT complex. This is of course with respect for each of the elements within the body and fundamental attributes that each element carries with them.

True Health is a prerequisite for Spiritual Ascent. Should we wish to live in beautiful surroundings, then we must arrange our apartment, our house, or in this instance our body, beautifully and harmoniously,

The elements perform particular functions in the body in accordance with the Universal Law; in principle the elements are constructive, preserving, and decomposing. the positive aspect of the body, which is constructive, is the positive or active part of the elements. The preserving or equilibrating part is accomplished by the connecting part of the elements, which is the neutral part, and the decomposing or deteriorating part in the body is conducted by the negative attributes of the elements.

Therefore, the Fiery principle in its active form with its electric fluid is assigned the active, constructive, and expansive activity, and the opposite is assigned to its negative form.

The Watery principle in its active form influences the constructive activities and in its negative form the decomposing activities of all the liquids in the body.

The Air principle is given the task of regulating the electric fluid of the Fire and the magnetic fluid of the Water in the body and keeping them in Equilibrium.

As has been mentioned previously in the fundamental key in regards to the energies of the Earth principle, the Earth principle has the task of keeping the effects or activities of all three elements together in the body. The Earth element principle in its active form is stimulating, strengthening, constructive, preserving, etc.; in its negative form it is the opposite. The development as well as the aging of the body is subject to the Earth principle.

It is obvious how accurate this arrangement of the human body is within Hermetic Occult anatomy. everything that is Fire, takes place in the head. In the abdomen, however, the opposite takes place, that is the Watery Principle, the elimination, the activities of the liquids etc. The Chest is subject to Air and has at the same time a mediating function, since breathing takes place there mechanically. The Earthy principle with its cohesion, the energy that keeps everything together, essentially represents the entire human body with all its bones and flesh.

Now the question may arise: How and in which manner will the Akasha or Ether principle show itself in the physical or material body?

One who deeply contemplates on this will be able to answer this question by themselves.

We have learned that the Fiery principle and element produces the electrical fluid in the body and the Watery principle and element products the magnetic fluid. Each of these fluids contains two polar rays, an active and a passive, and the mutual influences and reciprocal actions of all four polar emanations resemble the tetrapolar magnet, which is identical to the mystery of the Tetragrammaton, the Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh of the Kabbalists.

The right side of the human body is active-electric and the left side is passive-magnetic, when it comes to a right handed person – A left handed person has the opposite polarities. the intensity of the emanation of the electromagnetic fluids depends upon one’s capacity, in other words, it depends upon the intensity of the activities of the elements in the body. The more soundly and harmoniously balanced these activities of the elements unfold in the human body, the more intense is the emanation.

With the help of particular exercises as well as the right attitude and the exact consideration of these laws, one may either increase or decrease the capacity, strength and power of effect of these energies and the electromagnetic fluid also known as Od, as necessity demands. The manner by which this is accomplished will be described in our practicums further along and throughout this course.

From the chemical and perhaps from the alchemical point of view, the electric and magnetic fluids contain within them active and passive polarities, as well as the task of forming acid combinations in all organic and inorganic bodies. In the active sense they are constructive and in the negative, they are decomposing, dissolving and destructive. the total result is the cycle of life: it comes into being, it develops, matures and departs, and that is the existence of evolution of everything created..

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