By taking the journey within, one is beginning the process of soul reconciliation. A process that which, when undertaken with complete commitment, transforms our entire lives. This process will begin to burn and shed ALL that is no longer you. It will begin a lifelong process of creating presence in your daily life.

Understand the Mind and Body. . .


Learn TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH-WORK that will reshape your Mind and Body.
Create New Relationship with the Earth and your Being through MINDFUL CONNECTION into the SOUL.
Expand your Consciousness and REWRITE OLD NEURAL PATHWAYS! Create the LIFE you have ALWAYS DREAMED OF!
Learn how to COMMAND YOUR REALITY and step into your most AUTHENTIC SELF!

Waking up to Ayahuasca – Retreats


Through understanding the way the Mind and Body work together, one will come into the awareness that the BODY is a CREATURE of the MIND.
By learning to understand our brain wavelengths we are able to establish further command over our Autonomic Never System.(ANS) By creating and developing a very deep seated presence within/with the body, we are able to create environments for our beings and our bodies to operate from. We are literally writing the operating system upon which we wake up, and go to sleep by.

Through our ability to control our environments, we are able to command our lives. . . 


Come and find yourself through learning how to intercept LINEAR TIME and beginning to operate from the present moment. Learn the basics of Astrology, How to Reconcile the Spirit and Hone the Attention/Intention and the Intention/Attention. Learn to differentiate between SPACE/TIME and TIME/SPACE and how to begin to Vibrationally MATCH your desired DESTINY!

Through a series of ANCHORING EXPERIENCES that we will do together, your life will never be the same, and you will forever and always be with your POWER, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE IT!

Reach out to us today if you are interested in setting up a ceremony for you and your tribe!

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