A Model Of Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy


Stanford Professor Dr. William Tiller is a well-respected researcher physicist, and expert on subtle energy. The model of subtle energy described here and its relationship to physical energies is based on several of his papers and books.
Dr tiller says that we might not be able to measure subtle energies through physical means, but we can detect some of their signals. This is because, as they change one type of energy into another, they create a transducer signal at the magnetic vector. They also generate electric and magnetic signals that have observable effects.
Tiller’s research has led him to state following about subtle energies:

  • They are manifested by people as revealed in experiments that show subtle energies can increase electron sizes and numbers.
  • A person ca direct the flow of this energy through intention.
  • This mind-electron interaction is effective even over great distances.Subtle Energy

Subtle Energies follow a different set of laws than do physical energies, and radiate their energy with unique characteristics. There is not just one type of subtle energy, however. Tiller postulates several subtle substances, each of which occupies a different time-space domain.
These domains are different levels of reality. Subtle energy flows downward from the highest, which Tiller calls “the Divine.” Each level provides a template for the level below. As the subtle energy enters the next domain, it adapts — but also instructs. The laws differ on each of these levels because the energy gets denser.

Tiller’s levels of subtle reality range from the most to the least dense:

  • Physical
  • Etheric (also called bioplastic, prephysical, or energy body)
  • Astral
  • Three levels of the mind:
    • Instinctive
    • Intellectual
    • Spiritual
  • Spirit
  • The Divine

Subtle Energy

The Etheric level is just above the physical level. According to Tiller, etheric subtle energy penetrates all levels of material existence, and through the polarity principle forms atoms and molecules that make matter. Our mind interacts with the etheric energy (and above) to create patterns in the physical dimension. These patterns act like a force field that links us to the adjacent energy level.

Tillers explanation of the physical level versus the etheric is similar to that proposed by the experts featured in “The Structure of the Subtle Anatomy” on page 8.  He suggests that the physical realm occupies a positive time-space frame that is mainly electrical, in which opposites attract; over time, potential decreases, and entropy (chaos) increases. The etheric realm, conversely, is a negative time-space domain that is highly magnetic: like attracts like. As time passes in this realm potential increases and entropy decreases; therefore, more order is established.

We might suggest that communication in the physical realm is accomplished through the five senses; to reach into the etheric level (and above), we must use our intuition — the sixth sense.

Within Tiller’s model, the meridians and chakras operates like antennae that detect and send signals from the physical into the upper domains. These subtle structures interact between the physical body and the etheric (and other) realms, illuminating higher orders so that we can perceive them from the physical plane.

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