The Principle of Mentalism

MentalismThe Principle of Mentalism

The Kybalion

The “ALL” is the “MIND” – it can be considered an ENTITY as a conglomerate, THE ALL exists as a WHOLE. It is THE ALL. It may be considered and meditated on as a Universal LIVING Mind. We LIVE and EXIST WITHIN this mind.

The “UNIVERSE”,  – the material universe/phenomena of life/energy/universe – is MENTAL. 

The ALL IS the MIND that creates THOUGHT – or in other “words” – THE ALL creates the universal expression of itself as we experience it within our 5 senses. The Earth and it’s axis, the Sun and its expressed/impressed level of Gravity that it conducts – the energies, all the math and geometries — all of THIS … We are created out of THOUGHT. The ONE Original Thought, by our ONE INFINITE CREATOR. Thus is the principle of Mentalism.

(Please notice the differences in punctuation and capitalization of the letters and language here for it is important.)

Now come to think about how we create our realities for a moment…


We are literally an expression of a thought that is self organizing and self regulated. An autonomous “thought.” The notations that are being described with these very letters as they are expressed are thoughts of the thoughts of the thoughts of our Creator. Ever inward and ever outward. As above, so below. As below, so above.

This principle is one to be meditated upon for the purpose of distinct clarity and awareness of the Minds ability to search for and create new awareness through focused attention/intention.

Our Intentional Existence is a foundational pillar of our power; of our ability to source that power, and the ability to create from that space.



“Apply the Mental Laws – and enter the Sacred Psychic Temples. Mastery of the Mind is above All.”

“He who grasps the truth of Mental nature of the universe is well advanced on the path to mastery. “

The Kybalion




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