Sacred Boundaries

A Metaphor on Boundaries…

Some people will struggle with understanding WHY boundaries exist – NOT as an act of separation, but AS A FORM OF HONOR AND RESPECT FOR THE OTHER – and their personal level/desire for “CLEANLINESS” of their OWN PERSONAL SPACE.
“…When one is constantly drifting off into the CURRENTS of OTHERS and has no place to call their own, One will then, and ONLY then understand WHY seeds grow ROOTS and develop their SPACE – A Plant does this by STRENGTHENING the Earth, and through SUPPORTING the ECOSYSTEM around the Self.”

– They say we are a product of our environment

IF this is a Truth, then naturally, by and large, through our ability to discern what is healthy for our individuated Self, we may find an ability to create Synergy within our environment and in turn be the One who manifests the catalyst of synergistic change inside of an environment, spawning a ‘movement.’
EMERGENCE then, as a quality of nature, is an inherent development of the ETERNAL BEING/PRESENCE that just IS.
This “Emergence” is an inevitability within/by Nature herself – a continuation/inertia to grow, die, learn, decay – rebirthing yourself in each moment.
Like “cell’s,” we individuate – yet we coalesce – to create synergy out of/from the Whole, through/with communication, and understanding of function/placement within the system.
– “A Sheep will not pretend it’s a Wolf.”
“Be mindful/care-full of whom you allow into your space. Do not harbor the weak-minded, for they will disturb your peace – and create entropy within your Mind.”
– Hermés Trismegistus


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