The Sacred Power of Breath

The Sacred Power of Breath 
























In these deeply emotional and disruptive times the energy that is dominating our Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual Landscapes is getting CLEARED with each ONE of our CONSCIOUS breaths. It’s true that we awaken with the breath; that with each conscious breath we are breathing LIFE into our BEING. The power of our imagination is a great asset when working with the breath.

During odd times of insecurity and upheaval it is crucial that we remain grounded and that we handle our space with care. In caring for our space we offer our presence into the present moment and illuminate the darkness that we see/hear/feel, with our breath.

Breathing into the space that are contracting…




How far? How Deep? How long will we go before we see the change we seek?



“I am not my body, 
I am not even my mind. 
We just ARE. 
Everything just IS.
I am the Storm. 
I am the Water. 
I am the Clouds. 
I am the Thunder. 
I am the Lightning. 
I am the Sun Shining through the Clouds. 
I am that I am. We are the presence of Eternity, carrying out the Sacred Work that our ancestors began.”

Just Breathe…

As we find our way into the Sacred Psychic Temples/Lodges of our Time – as within, so without – we are ASKING FOR/INVOKING our POWER simply with/through Sacred Soul-Felt Intention. While the involution of our programming, energizes the working, creating the language base and lexicon that we identify our individual multidimensional reality with, our focus determines the placement of power/light for illumination.  These are elements/faculties of our MIND. Sometimes we get lost in the Ocean of Chaos that is Experience, it is important to set waypoints, and create anchoring experiences – ultimately build a map of the mind by taking a moral inventory and catalyzing the Spirit into a Vessel that Shuttles/Propels our Sacred Selfs throughout the Physical. Here we may recognize the necessary and sacred element of grounding and welcome it into our space during these difficult times.



MIND over MATTER, Right?
Or is it a Left?

The process known as “INVOLUTION,” begins in a way in which THE ALL becomes “Involved,” or “wrapped up,” in its personal creation – you, me, the writer, painter, drawer, dancer, etc.. – almost seemingly forgets itself throughout the process. It is our INTENTION of creating DIVINE ATTENTION of THE ALL to maintain a healthy state of INVOLUTION. This takes place throughout the process of becoming – from – mindful intention. 

The creator for a time forgets his/her own existence, and is in a dreamlike state of manifestation.
Just breathe…

“I am the power of intention,
I manifest more presence with
each breath.

I am abundance.

Om Lakshmi Namaha”

At this stage, one typically will experience what is known as an “OUTPOURING” of Divine Energy/Consciousness, while the Evolutionary state is called the “Indrawing.” It is in these states that we are able to interject and create with FOCUSED ATTENTION/INTENTION. This is the power of Manifestation. We use the word “Meditation,” in describing the process of the mental creation of the Universe in the Mind of THE ALL – the word “Contemplation” also being frequently employed.”

These words/ideations seem to call forth the Divine Attention of our Being.


“Focus the mind, and create a healthy dwelling there. Refine oneself with the practice of breathing correctly. Meditate on the forms and symbols and seek awareness of your perfection.”

My love and appreciation. Blessings to your week!
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– Demetri

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