“You are what you eat”

Healthy food?


What’s the point of healthy food?

Some people may not understand this because they were never given the opportunity for proper education. You see it’s like my brother said once, “the problem began somewhere.” If you could only link the time, the place, the environmental stimulus and the current solidification of frequencies in the human experience, we could find the time and place of disease I feel. It starts with diet and nutrition. If you are looking for regulating factors there are plants/spirits out there that can help with regulating our internal organs and things once they have been thrown into an imbalance. Nutrition is something that allows our body to function properly. But, “nobody is the same,” you say. True, but we all have a base genome that we regulate with. Our bodies will react similarly except when there is a genetic linkage to the stimulus or event or substance or frequency. We are quantum functioning light machinery that requires the best of fuel. This means unadulterated food. No GMO. Natural. From nature’s bosom. And we need to pay attention to how much we eat and how often because our bodies are entering a stage of life where the ignorant will perish in light and fade to the dark from misconception and misunderstanding based from a misguidance. These people that control your food are well aware of this. Eat healthy and your body will bless you with infinite amounts of pleasure and experience. We are talking about a measurable and predictable reaction to certain foods that are beneficial to the system. Something that is objective with science backing it and thousands of years of use, like turmeric and garlic, Ginseng, these herbs and grains such as hemp are beneficial to our existence, we literally evolved with them in a symbiotic relationship. There are certain herbal remedies that prevent free radicals in the body and help us to reach and maintain homeostasis. The purpose of some plants is to specifically regulate our brain chemistry, and help one clean the body’s chi and maintain healthy energy levels and fields. Tear your lawn up and grow a garden. Eat healthy organic food, while watching your water intake as well. Our main source of water in the United States is tainted already, at least anything coming out of your faucet, unless it is from artesian well or spring water, the water you have been drinking is probably tainted. City water systems are polluted. Face it. This is a fact. We are seeing radioactive water from Fukushima washing up on the shores of the West Coast.The Japanese Government has begun to dump radioactive water into the ocean. This is unacceptable. What do you think that means for the water tables? It means the deterioration of our water supply. Government has made it legal for water treatment centers to treat the water with fluoride, among several other horrible chemicals  that I won’t even bother to name.  Did you know that fluoride eats just about everything that it touches? And yet, people continue to put fluoride into your tap water. What can we do? What ARE we going to do about this?  The fluoride in your blood is already clogging your cells and disturbing function causing free radicals to emerge and continue to disrupt the harmony in your life as you are reading this if you drink from city tap water or brush your teeth with major toothpaste brands. No fluoride. No GMO. Get it out of your life. It is disrupting your true frequency. These things lead towards disease. Dis-ease. The feeling of being uneasy, not at rest. Rest is crucial to our health. Without rest our bodies and minds will fall into duress. Nutrition is not only about the body. It is also significant to the mind and it’s function.


With that said, this may blow your mind…


Nutrition is/can be anything that feeds us. Whether it’s mental (knowledge), emotional (feeling/connection), or spiritual (wisdom).


We find ourselves needing nutrition in some form or another. We are constantly eating thoughts and emotions. As we enlighten ourselves and open up to the true nature of our existence, we will recognize that consciousness is something that moves upon thought similar to the way that wind brushes up against the individual blades of grass in a park.


Let that sink in… Read it a couple of times if you have to.


Consciousness is like a light in a dark room. Illuminating what it can with the strength of being that it possesses. The dark room being equivalent to the ocean of thoughts and emotions we can feel/access on an individual and Collective basis. Each individual air molecule representing thoughts. Feelings.


When we extract ourselves far enough out of and from the human experience/ego and see/view ourselves as the wave form/pattern that we are, we see the fabric that exists all around us… This is the beautiful portion of what I’m attempting to describe to you.


Literally at a quantum level we are all made up of the same thing. Can you even begin to fathom this?


Again let that sink in….


We are base fundamental particles that snap in and out of existence based upon a conscious state of fixation. Our realities literally exist in such a way that our conscious “ego” straps us to a human body as a functioning portion of the universe that is consistently feeding the feedback loop of self progression, self study, and of self evolution.


This concept is known as the Law of One. It surrounds the theory of our connection to one another and to the cosmos. This Law of One is something that conducts our being a certain manner of realization into our scope.


It provides us definition of sorts. Definition that points to the compassionate understanding of being one with your brother and sister at home here on Earth, as well as the entire universe…


Again Let that sink in….


…..seemingly we have been one with everyone and everything that has ever existed in the universe. All beings are. All beings are forever. Our mind becomes an infinite source of power and creation through this lens…


Seeing through this lens we are the sun, the moon and the stars. We are the fish in the sea and the ocean that they swim in.


We are.


Everything IS.


Only we choose what we want to BE.


We are creator.


Create the life you have always wanted.


Choose Care – Fully.

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