Sacred Relationships and the Twin Flame Connection

Upon writing this I feel I [may have] have completed a Karmic Contract and Soul Relationship with what I believe and know to be my Twin Flame… a being whose Moon is one minute off of my Sun Astrologically. Not even a full degree, but ONE MINUTE. Creating an almost EXACT and Perfect Reflection of ourselves in the most personal and intimate way. We see through each other…

Being Star Crossed, and Twin Flames, has been one hell and heaven of an experience. ( <3 )

Allow me to elaborate, elucidate, and explain…

Upon the meeting of the physical embodiment of the Love that I contain within my being, I wasn’t aware of what was to come from this Soulful, Heartfelt, and Divinely Inspired connection.

Before we met, I had begun my studying of the Arts, with a whole hearted passion. I bought my first tarot deck after 7 years of study into the psychedelic and transpersonal realms.

It is the Aleister Crowley – Thoth Deck.
This deck and exploration of the tarot contained therein, is what led me to Her. The significance and specificity of the direction that I received, and continue to receive, is surreal.

It told me that I would meet Her, in Massage Therapy School. That I would find Her, by a piece of Moldavite, and that She was birthed as a Sagittarius. I would know Her, by these signs and symbols of inspiration and intuition.

As I began the development and restoration of my Faith, and Sacred Intention, I fostered a sense of absolute trust. A lesson that She taught me, and continued to encourage in me.. A lesson that she vicariously continues to teach me…

I chose and continue to choose to allow my Intuition guide me. DEEPLY. PASSIONATELY. LOVINGLY.

..When I found her, I knew She was the Partner I had been looking for my entire Life, and I still know it to this day. Even in the midst of our separation.. I TRUST…
Whether we exit this Life together, or separate, I know that what I have found with her has changed me FOREVER.

I will echo into eternity with the love that I found for and with her…

I’m not the same person I was before I discovered the potential of Love and the infinite nature/qualities that TRUE LOVE holds for a being.

The Willingness to show up.

The Desire to show up…


Due to the love you are IN…


True, Heartfelt, Sacred, Compassionate…..Love. Not just for them, but for yourself, and for others. A wholesome and selfless love.

In my personal and humble opinion, True Love and Sacred Relationships are DEFINED by a level of willingness to sacrifice yourself for the greater good and the wellbeing of the World at large. Sacred Relationships create ripples that will echo into and throughout eternity. The Love found within these Sacred Mirrors and Reflections will continue on, infinitely. Effortlessly.

Sacred Relationships are DESCRIBED as relationships in which the entities that are involved, are in RE-COGNITION of themselves and the Infinite. This is a process that leads to self-discovery, and self-realization/actualization. To find or desire to find the Twin Flame Relationship, is to call in and usher in lessons that will change the Course of History, and the future that is to come.

I believe it is Sacred Work. An honorable Sacred Work at that…

Whether you believe in Fate or Destiny, or not; a Truth here is that, we create and manifest our own realities based off of what our TRUEST Heart felt desires are, and how we intend to become out of our own unbecoming.


Where do those desires in the Heart come from? Are they programmed into us? Do we program them into our being before we come here, before we pull the veil over our eyes and forget everything, and our Divine Connection to the ALL?


Only YOU will be able to answer that for yourself –

The old model of relationships is Done.

We are treading the Pathway as it unfolds. In fact, some of us are paving the way, laying the pathway for others to follow in our footsteps, leaving breadcrumbs.

The children and grandchildren of this generation will co-exist and co-create Heaven on Earth. This is my firm understanding.

As Cartographers of the Divine and Great Unknown, we are the wayfarers and seers for the clarity needed in order to create this “Heaven on Earth.”

I believe this work is done through relationships. Whether the relationship is with the self, or an-other.

Whether a relationship is intimate or not. Sexual or not. People enter our lives based on our needs and wants. They enter sometimes through a level of unconsciousness that ultimately will lead into their awakening – It is only a matter of Time spent in Relationship(s) that we become Aware of what we each, individually, discern as right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy…

When we choose to show up, in full awareness of our hearts, this choice and level of Open-beingness allows for us to be SEEN fully.

What does it mean to be seen FULLY?
To me, and many that are reaching this level of openness,
It means to speak your mind. It means TRANSPARENCY, to tell the truth, to be honest with the feelings/emotions that you are experiencing in any given moment and communicating them to your partner or those that we hold in relationship

It means letting go of judgement, letting go of the FEAR of being judged. As, truly, it is nobody’s place to judge you. Not even yourself. Live to Learn, Learn to Teach, Teach to foster growth and evolution.

It means allowing yourself to show up in a manner that will foster growth through vulnerability.

To be vulnerable is to allow oneself to be seen. To complete and practice all of the above and continue to choose into showing up fully in every moment for oneself and the chosen partner.

It also means being present with our Shadow Self, for the care-full and loving exploration of the self allowing us the opportunity to discern what is healthy for us, individually, in whatever spaces we choose or wish to enter into.

Cue in “Allowance”


Especially the socially/politically taboo – The darkness in which our Pearls are found.





For example, Sex.

Seeking open and full expression of ourselves in that space is crucial if we are to understand the Divine and Sacred Relationship(s).

Sex is one of the most criticized acts in our society, I.e. How it’s done, with who, and for what reasons.

Religion has taught us that if we have sex out of wed lock that we are damned, and that we become shamed in the eyes of “God.”

This – is – total – Bullshit.

Family Tradition, Religion, and Ideology has taught us that, we are to be raised by our parents, go to school, become indoctrinated, graduate, find a spouse, get married, and raise children, and to start the process over again. That two people are supposed to meet one day, and that they will commit fully to each other, get married to consecrate themselves to one another, to only have sex with one another, and cease the allowance of the exploration of our Sacred Sexuality; and that we are to confine ourselves to one sexual partner for the rest of our lives.


This is naïve, and immature.




Naturally, we are attracted to beings or people that biologically, genetically, and spiritually will help us to grow.

Now this is not an attempt, excuse, or justification to seek the infamous and oftentimes cursed, Open relationship.

This is an attempt to describe the ability for two entities to enter into a Sacred Agreement that allows them to explore those parts of themselves together, as one. Group Sex. Threesomes. Other partners, and voyeurism. Whatever it is that you desire, sexual and non-sexual in nature. Limits are defined as the relationship progresses – so don’t be bitter.


Don’t make yourself unavailable to the other, if what was experienced was “too much” or “wrong.” It is crucial that we remember who We are and why We are here, and that we cease to let the Ego control and command our existence. I believe that the ego is attached to the pain body, and when a “boundary” is crossed, the ego comes riding in, shield blazing, and sword drawn.

It is important to remember why you connected with that person in the first place…

Why and how you found yourselves where you are now – in separation or in union.

Sacred Union, truly, only exists between two people.

This type of agreement allows Us to create a space of Peace and Security within the relationship itself, a sort of sanctuary for the lost that have been found within the Divine Mirror. A space of Safety that fosters and cultivates a sense of confidence within the growth and learning that takes place throughout the relationship, sometimes in scary places, or in our “darkness;” when at times we may indeed, actually feel lost or uncertain due to the desires that show up throughout the growth and learning process. I.e. Sex with other partners, or group experiences, Sacred Plant Medicines, Meditation, and everything in between. If two people are able to commit FULLY to growing and learning together, nothing will stop them from accomplishing GREATNESS in and throughout Life.




Sex is a huge part of relationships. It is what I feel, creates the difference between friends and a partner/relationship.

The important point that I am trying to make is this:

Find a person that you can share your life with. That wants to share their life with you. Find a person who is willing to commit to Growth and Learning through Experience.

Find a person that is willing to accept ALL of you, even the deepest, hidden, and repressed desires that arise due to shame or guilt that has been fostered or carried and developed through years of misunderstanding in the ideological structure that came before us.. This is the Sacred Relationship that God or the Universe intended for Us.


I’ll say it again – The old model of relationships is done. Terminated. The foundation is crippled, and crumbling. We get to rebuild that foundation, in a space of pure, unconditional love for ourselves and for others.

We are meant to have companions or a companion throughout life.

Separation creates painful imprints of generational wounding patterns that, undermine our best efforts to what we are trying to curb in society – now. Pain, hatred, anger, sadness, grief, abandonment.. Guilt.. Shame… The list goes on…

Find a Wife… A Husband… A Lover… A Friend… A Partner that holds nothing but your best interests at Heart and in Mind.

To me, this deduces into the Sacred, and Heart felt, EXPLORATION of the Soul(s)..

Even the parts that we are uncertain of and scared to experience/express due to the judgments of society or our partner. Or our parents, or friends, or family at large. Insert fear of experience here with an attached reason as to why.

We have to be willing to go through the toughest of experiences with a partner to really know ourselves. In fact, this is how we come to learn about ourselves; through the Sacred and Deeply Intimate interaction with the “Other,” no matter how spiritual or superficial.

What stops us from expressing ourselves in these often taboo spaces is a lack of feeling Safety and Security.


Safe to be forgiven. Safe to be loved. Safe to be held. Safe to trusted. Safe to communicate and be communicated to. Safe to be HONORED in our HUMANITY – Secured by the Sacred Agreement.

~ ~ ~  <3 A truth is, we are creatures of Desire…

..and depending on the amount of Love that you have for the nature of experience and growth, is what will ultimately determine the availability that you create for your souls expansion. <3  ~ ~ ~

Allowance is then the next step, after fostering, and cultivating this trust and security, We must begin to explore our beings together, in harmony.

The allowance to wander or venture into the dark places, together, into the Unknown.
It truly is beautiful creating the allowance for our partner to experience what they feel they need to experience, for the sake of their own growth. This is required for the Twin Flame Relationship to flourish. Whatever experience that may be.

Hold them in Sacred Space to play, to learn, to grow, and to find themselves.

This process is NOT easy. In fact, it is extremely difficult, even terrifying to the Egoic Mind. Because we feel that, if we allow our partners to grow, that they may leave us forever, or that they may find something, or someone better, because we aren’t “good enough” for them, or because we keep hurting them, or each other..

This is where our own personal valuation and worth comes into play. When we can trust ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of their love. (Read: OUR LOVE). Only then will the gates open into the Golden Hallways that we seek within one another… Only when we are complete and whole, by ourselves – first.

Unconditional and personal self-love IS “God’s” love.

Give yourself that first… and watch your relationship(s) shift.

If Twin Flames are the same soul split into two, embodying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, then it is only upon us giving ourselves the fullest, truest, most whole and complete love to ourselves first that the relationship will flourish.

To have a Sacred Twin Flame Relationship, Self Worth is the single most important aspect to be held in regards throughout the growth of the Relationship. As the relationship fluctuates and you figure out this truth, at times you may feel broken and lost even. You will want to scream in Anger, and pain. I say scream, but scream in trust…scream, out of Love… SCREAM IN THE NAME OF LOVE… and then remember to give your self the love you desire/deserve.

You are a Warrior. Do not forget it.





If we enter the relationship not knowing our own personal value and cease to invest that loving energy into our being-ness, then it will surely be a rollercoaster and at times feel like the depths of Hell.

Cue the Trust. Cue the Sacred Agreement. Cue the Sacred and Interpersonal desire to grow together and to RE-COGNIZE the Love and Passion that you have for one another and the Union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and recommit to loving YOURSELF.

If you are able to, help to soothe your partners pain. Help them to remember to Love themselves. Help them to focus.

Don’t leave them. Do not abandon them..These relationships are here to usher in a new awareness throughout the coming times.

Trust. Honor. Unconditional Love. Freedom of Expression. And the Desire to Commit to the Ascension process…are all major facets of this transformation/transfiguration.

A lot of people think that to be whole and complete, they must find their Life Partner.

I am here to tell you the Life Partner you are looking for, is without a doubt, YOU.


If you so happen to find your twin flame… they are you. You are them.

Love yourself, and you are loving them.

Love them, and you are loving yourself.

This paradox will surface and recede at times – This serves as your reminder.

Trust the process. Everything is going to be OK.
YOU are OK.

Just focus on your goals and passions. Forgive, and let go of the pain story. Remember the love shared between you two.. Remember the feeling of being HOME with them and revel in the beauty of it ALL.

(After all, Home is where the Heart is.)

We must come into Wholeness before this type of relationship flourishes. We must come into and at the very least commit FULLY into completion with Ourselves FIRST before the relationship will solidify into the Divine Inspiration that will breathe Life into the coming ages with grace and the proof that Divinity exists.


If we are to shift our World, it must start with Us.

It must start with the most important Sacred Relationship in Existence… The relationship with the Self.

To “Know Thyself.”


This is the beauty of the Divine Mirror.

This is the beauty of reflection with an Other and/or your Twin.

The fact that We get to share and exchange viewpoints, and personal truths and wisdoms, and discern whether or not they resonate with our hearts and souls, and grow and evolve and expand.

Seek acceptance. Love them throughout the process..

Don’t give up.…

It is important to understand that if you think, with one inkling of a possibility that you have found your Twin Flame..
The relationship is here to ENSURE that you learn extremely important lessons…

Allow. Create Space. Love unconditionally, and without restraints. Honor their choices. Honor their process of purification and perfection, as they hone their awareness into what is truly important in Life.

And Trust, that when its meant to be in this Lifetime, for you to Ascend into and through the Golden Halls of Heaven, that it will take place.

Let go of the Fear…

Do not fall into the pain. Ensure that you are loving yourself enough during times of separation.

And do your work. Focus on YOUR mission. Not the Relationship. Not Sex. Not Drugs.
Focus on your Mission.

Expecting the relationship to be the only focus is childish and immature.

Full Connection and Consecration of the Relationship only comes into being when we choose FULLY to complete our Sacred Mission with or without them. Even if that means separating for some time.

Trust that the connection will always be there.

I love you all…

I am choosing to focus on Me.

I am choosing to focus on why I am Here. My purpose. My Gift to the World.

I am the Sacred Trust and Surrender of and to Life.

May you all find peace throughout this difficult time…

With Love,

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